F1 Flasher Kit DIY (Programmable)



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F1 Flasher Kit DIY (Programmable)
F1 Flasher Kit DIY (Programmable)
F1 Flasher Kit DIY (Programmable)

Click HERE for Install & Programming Instructions

Universal install is very basic, but Plug & Play kits are being assembled soon. Instructions on installation and programming available in the link above 👆

Each kit comes with a programming button and toggle switch to make customizing your flashes fun and easy.

Hook it up and go OR, spend some time to easily program the flasher to your exact taste and style! 

This Flasher has 3 settings:

  • Flash Mode (1, 2, or 3)
  • Amount of Flashes
  • Speed of Flashes

To access the programming mode, the brakes must be applied, and then you push the program button once.

That opens up the first Setting menu: Flash Mode

Flash Mode

Each time you push the button, the lights will flash to indicate the corresponding Mode you're in (ie: Flash twice = Mode 2, Flash once = Mode 1)

  • Mode 1 - Basic Flashes, then steady. No Speed change
  • Mode 2 - Basic Flashes, then repeat of Flashes Slow
  • Mode 3 - Gradual Slowing of Flashes, starting fast, ending slow 

F1 Flasher Kit DIY (Programmable)
F1 Flasher Kit DIY (Programmable)
F1 Flasher Kit DIY (Programmable)

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