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Nissan GTR Remote Start System

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Nissan GTR Plug and play Remote Start kit that uses the OEM remote and can be installed in minutes. Just like all of our kits there is no cutting, drilling or soldering just simply plug and play.


  • Start the car with the OEM Remote
  • Installed in 5-15 minutes!
  • Full step by step instructions
  • No soldering
  • No cutting of any wires
  • No drilling

The Fortin based solution is ideal for someone wanting just the standalone system, using the OEM keyfob Lock x3 to start/stop. It supports “get in and drive” functionality.  Although it will work with SmartStart module it has slightly reduced functionality over the Directed solutions and therefore we recommend the Directed based solution if you think you might want the SmartStart module in the future.


Q: What do I need to install?

A: The following Tools are required

  • 10mm socket or wrench

Q: Does the kit come with full instructions?

A: Yes the kit contains full instructions.

Q: Is this only for the US GTRs?

A: Yes the US Canbus code regarding locking and unlocking is different to other markets.

Q: Can I add an extended range remote and the SmartStart Module?

A: With Directed based unit you can technically add both. With Fortin based solution it is one of the other and if you intend using SmartStart we recommend using the Directed based solution.

Q: Do I still need to carry the OEM remote to drive the car.

A: Yes, you can start the car and unlock etc using these methods (SmartStart or extended range remotes), but need the original key to disarm the security features.

Q: What is the range of the OEM remote for starting the car?

A: The range is the same as for locking and unlocking, if you can lock/unlock the car using the remote then you would be able to start the car.


Reviews (1)

Dom May 23rd 2017

remote start review

Overall a great little system. Easy to install and the FlyRyde instructions were probably better than those of the developer! The system is great but the service from the team at FlyRyde is exceptional. Really enjoyed remote starting my straight piped GTR downtown when a GTR admirer was enjoying the look of the exhausts. The sound was better! :) Looking forward to getting my new headlights from them with some detailed "how to install for dummies" instructions. Great little project for the weekend.

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