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About Us

Hi, we’re FlyRyde!

Located in Riverside, California, just east of Los Angeles, FlyRyde is a down to earth company, happy to help you with anything related to automotive lighting technology! We speak like normal dudes (aka, not scripted robot-like answers), and can generally point you in the right direction to achieve the look you really want, even if that means sending you to another company we happen to believe is the best in the business for your specific car!

We work with other top builders in the industry, and do our best to help them grow their business as we grow ours. If we're not that best for your specific car, but we know who is, we'll tell you, and even offer installation of lights built by that company. 

Together we all win!

We invite you to visit our new headquarters where we work side by side with our boys at Premium Auto Styling to create Automotive Restyling options for a huge range of vehicles! Here's where we really shine:

  • LED Bulb upgrades
  • Custom Headlights, Tail Lights, Fogs, Side Markers, and DRLs
  • Color Change RGB products
  • Bluetooth Car Control
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Overlays and tint for Lights and Badges
  • Windshield Banners and Vinyl Stickers



We create exciting products and solutions for people who desire more than the standard look or performance of their lighting. We help them form a vision of something truly special, and then turn that vision into tangible, sexy, custom crafted reality. Our clients range from starving college kids, to successful business owners, to bodyshops, audio shops, and OEM Car Manufacturers.